"Rich is an excellent musician who loves to teach. To be immersed in his process of teaching for anyone seeking to be better at composing, drumming both classical and commercial , including all percussion instruments, and learning to utilize the piano as a real tool of the music profession is an opportunity for the serious music student."


Patrick McGuffey

Principal Trumpet Emeritus (Ret)

Nashville Symphony Orchestra


"Rich Adams taught me at MTSU for over four years. While studying under Rich I acquired many skill that I put to use today as a professional musician and producer.  To study and work with Mr. Adams has truly been a pleasure."

Antjuan Johnson, Bassist/Producer

"Rich is a highly acclaimed drummer/musician. He has the knowledge to write and produce music scores for movie and television. Rich is also an acclaimed drummer who is diverse in all styles, plus his chart reading ability is top notch. I highly recommend Rich as a teacher and performer."

Danny Darling, Professional Drummer

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